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Frequently Asked Questions For Mr Lockman

1. How Much Are Your Services?

It depends on a number of factors really; What time of the day it is?, What day of the week it is?, Is it an emergency lockout? Is it a standard booked-in lock changing job? What type of Lock is going to be used as a replacement? How long the job takes?

I am able to provide a rough estimate for any lock jobs over the phone, but the amount will be confirmed once I arrive and am able to properly access the damage and the requirements will I be able to provide a formal quotation.

2. How Can I Pay?

I generally accept cash payments for my work the majority of the time. However, I do carry a mobile chip and pin terminal that allows me to take card payments while out and about.

3. Is There A Call Out Charge?

I do not charge a call out fee, however, you should be aware that my charges will be more expensive if you call in an emergency at the weekend in the middle of the night than simply during the week. All locksmith jobs are approximations until I arrive and access the job in person.

4. Is VAT Charged?

I have chosen to not be VAT registered as I see this as an additional unnecessary cost to the domestic consumer and this leaves me at a lower cost than most large locksmith businesses.

5. Is There A Guarantee?

For all new locks that I have fitted, there is a standard 12-month guarantee.

6. Do I Provide A Receipt?

Once all work has been completed, I will write out a written receipt for you to keep for your records.

7. If I Have Lost My Keys Will I Need New Ones?

From a security perspective, I would suggest that if you were to have lost your keys and you cannot find them anywhere, then arrange for a new set of keys to be cut for your home. This is a service that I provide and can be booked into my diary, or the keys can be created there and then.

8. Are My Methods Non-Destructive?

Absolutely! 99% of all of the jobs that I deal have gained entry to the house without any coercive action. I have specialized equipment that permits me to pick a lock without damaging the door, lock casing or door frame. Some locks are more difficult to open than others, I will, therefore, have a better understanding of the difficulty of the locking mechanism once I arrive and examine the locks.

9. Do I Carry The Required Parts With Me?

My van is fully equipped with the latest locks, cylinders, and mechanisms that cover most eventualities. If I do not have the required part with me, then I will install a temporary locking system, and order the required parts the following day.

10. Is There An Additional Cost If I have To Return With New Parts?

No, the price that I come to will incorporate any additional parts that need to be ordered in.

11. If It Is An Emergency, What Are the Waiting Times?

As with the question about my costs, it really does depend on the time of the day and how far away you are from my present location. I aim to get to you within an hour throughout Essex, but on most occasions I can probably be with you within 30 minutes. If there is heavy traffic on the main route or am far away from you then it would be more than likely be an hour before I can arrive and pick your lock in an emergency.

“Good all round experience, pleasant, friendly and helpful.”
– Adrian Harland 20 November 2013

24/7 Service

We operate 24/7, so it doesn’t matter when you get locked out we are here to help.

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30 Minute Response

We have a 30 minute response time which means you are never locked out for long!

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No call out charge!

We never charge you for a call out, so you do not have to worry about any hidden costs.

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We offer a free estimate of the work involved before we undertake anything.

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