Locksmith Services Essex

Locksmith Services

As experienced Locksmiths, we can provide Locksmith services throughout Essex and our work covers the following services:

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Locksmiths, especially those claiming to provide the services at a low cost are more than likely to eventually damage your door, doorframe or even the wall in which the door sits. The reason is that they normally use invasive techniques. These techniques are simply to use a lot of force, which ultimately damage or break the locks they are trying to open and in doing give you a much higher repair bill than simply the cost of the locksmith to call out and change the lock.

We are fully trained in the skill of opening a door lock without damaging it, i.e. very good a picking a lock! 99% of all the locksmith jobs that we cover, DO NOT result and damage to the client’s property at all.

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LABOUR PRICES – Emergency lock out rescue service
From £49 (standard locks), from £59 (specialised locks), from £59 (unsociable hours).

“Good all round experience, pleasant, friendly and helpful.”
– Adrian Harland 20 November 2013

24/7 Service

We operate 24/7, so it doesn’t matter when you get locked out we are here to help.

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30 Minute Response

We have a 30 minute response time which means you are never locked out for long!

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No call out charge!

We never charge you for a call out, so you do not have to worry about any hidden costs.

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Free Estimate

We offer a free estimate of the work involved before we undertake anything.

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Price list

We will give you a free estimate of costs prior to commencing work.

UPVC locks and handles

Euro Cylinders (basic security) = From £22.50
Mechanism = From £90
Centre gearbox = From £60
Handles = From £29

Specialised Locks

Oval cylinder = From £25
Scandinavian Oval Cylinder = From £40
British standard anti snap cylinder = From £27.50

Mortice Locks

BS 5 lever mortice lock = From £35
Non BS mortice lock = From £20


Standard T type handle = From £22
Birtley T handle = From £30
Henderson replacement cylinder = From £18
Cardale core type cylinder = From £18

Rim Locks and Latches

Rim cylinder (yale style) Locks
Cylinder = From £18
Night latch = From £25

All above prices are for parts only. Our minimum labour charge of £49 covers most lock changing during normal working hours.

Locked out? Need new keys? No problem! Call us on 07878 792 974 and we’ll sort you out in no time!