Welcome to Mr Lockman, your locksmith Upminster with several years experience and knowledge in anything related to Locksmithing. Not only do we operate in Upminster, we are able to travel anywhere within 30 minutes drive of Upminster.

Obviously, there are emergency reasons why a locksmith is required and then there are non-emergency locksmith jobs, which relate to issues an owner has with damaged locks, lock repair, damaged keys or lock changing that all homeowners will at some point need to address.

Not only do we service residential requirements, we also cater for any commercial properties that require either urgent locksmith assistance or scheduled lock changes.

There may be instances whereby a local community hall, in say Hornchurch, or Rainham has been broken into and the local district council has contacted us to arrange the repair or replacement of the locks to the property. Perhaps a commercial property has been broken into and the owners are in need of locksmiths in Upminster to fix that broken lock and then organise the replacement of the lock to a superior type of lock.

Your ‘Go To’ Upminster Locksmiths

What do we want to achieve as a Locksmith business in Upminster? Well, the main answer is to help as many people as possible with any locksmith queries. We want to be known as the 24-hour locksmith in Upminster, that is our aim as a business – the ‘Go To’ locksmiths that everyone has on their speed dial if they need a local locksmith.

If anyone is thinking about changing their locks, having a lock repaired or simply need security advice for their home or business in Upminster then we want to have ‘Mr Lockman’ as their first port of call.

So contact us today if you need any Locksmith advice or need our services:

07878 79 29 74

Emergency Locksmiths Upminster

Yes, that is right, we offer 24 hours, emergency locksmith services for anyone living in Upminster or within 30 minutes drive.

But what is classed as an emergency you say? Have you found that you suddenly locked yourself out on a cold winter evening and only have your mobile phone with you? The only way back into your house without damaging anything is to have a skilled locksmith pick the lock with non-damaging methods. That would be the most common reason why an emergency locksmith is required – lockouts!

We do get asked for other urgent enquiries that are not lockouts, but still fairly urgent in their completion and they generally come in the form of domestic abuse cases or troubled tenants. Say, for instance, a couple has had a severe argument with one another and the police are involved in helping resolve the issue. As an emergency Upminster locksmith, we are then contacted by the police to help secure the property by changing the locks, so that the female in the majority of cases can know that they are able to lock out any person who might cause them harm.

Likewise, there are instances when landlords contact us for urgent lock changing requests that involve tenants that have been served a section 21 notice and left the property in a bad state of repair. Again, this is something that needs to be done fairly urgently to ensure that those tenants are not able to access the property.

If you are certainly thinking about contacting a locksmith, or you are in need of locksmiths in Upminster, then please call us today on 07878 79 29 74 for any locksmith query.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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