Chelmsford Locksmith Warning

Lock Snapping is a process where euro profile locks, normally seen on a front upvc doors have been fitted with the wrong size locks.

The result being that the lock sticks out past the handle making it very easy to snap the lock and gain entry to your home.

Burglars are making this the entry method of choice as it is quick takes on average 13 seconds to open your door and gain entry to your valuables, Car, Cash, Computers, Tablets etc.

Locksmith Chelmsford can supply antisnap products that we can fit but honestly you only need the correct size euro lock fitted.

if you wish to see a video of how quick it is to enter homes like yours click on this link…/missing-information-watchdog-lock–snapping/

Bulglars will walk your street identify who was locks sticking out past the handle and target these homes. Please make sure your property does not have an external facing lock that sticks out past your Lock

Don’t be at risk Ring your Chelmsford LocksmithMR LOCKMAN today on 01245 408183