When talking of the best door locks, we speak of the locks that are already tested, proved and trusted.  It means that they are of high quality and the companies are shown to be right. Locking your door is the ultimate step to ensuring your home is safe and secure. You wouldn’t want to lock with a poor quality lock only to find your home broken into.

At Mr Lockman, we shall take you through some of these locks; we analyse their strengths and weaknesses, their models and capabilities. We will be objective, accurate and represent facts to you. You will then make your decision on which lock you prefer, and we shall fix it for you. Kindly allow us to tour you around and discuss these locks;

1] Schlage

They have a sturdier physical construction, hard to pick and bump. You will find them in most of the home improvement stores, and their prices is a little bit high. The manufacturer company has various models but. The locks manufactured by Schlage have the best low-cost option. Many people use these locks at their home, the reason why we say may people have trust in it.

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2] Yale

The reputation of Yale is impeccable. Yale manufacturers are considered to be the creators of the modern day Pin Tumbler Lock. They are best known as the giants in the market, and their design is fantastic. They come with a set of spool pins. The Yale locks have become popular in the UK.

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3] Corbin Russwin

The Corbin Russwin company is a mixture of variety lock brands. The firm started in 1840, when it used to make horns/balls knobs, the lock gets widely employed in schools. The locks are convenient since they are easy to service and replace. Before the company overhauled their designed, they were used as padlocks and often used for locking the cabinets.

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4] Kwikset

You might not have used the Kwikset Locks, but you have indeed used their products. In the United States of America, these locks seem to be at every home’s door. It is the cheapest brand you can purchase, but they provide excellent security. Don’t claim you don’t have money to buy when we can get for you this amazing brand. Order one now and it shall get delivered on your doorstep.

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5] Baldwin

When you tour most of the home improvement stores, you will probably bump in this lock brand. Baldwin is readily available, and it is of high quality. The lock brand is immensely trusted since it is strong and of an incredible solid construction.

6] Medeco

Medeco gets thought of being the best lock. Many people usually consult us on this brand. It is trusted since people claim it is unpickable. You are needed to upgrade it for security purpose, but it becomes less secure with every upgrading.

Visit us today, and we will ensure that you take home the best brand, depending on your financial capacity. We have all type of locks since our aim is to service people from all walks of life.