Of late, most modern offices are upgrading their lock types from keyable to card access systems. Apart from their unique independent nature, they are compatible with identification badges and can, therefore, suffice in any working environment. The best feature is the ability to collect data from these systems which can later be analysed to monitor movement in and out of working premises. Coupled with an existing system, the alarm lock would strengthen your security significantly.

Mr Lockman has five impressive features of the alarm lock that most people are yet to discover:

  1. Wireless Compatibility

When alarm clocks first hit the market, most used wired powering and operational technology. However, latest releases are wireless eliminating the need for the bulky cables. Manufacturers were considerate of the obsolete factor when they produced the wireless locks. Thus, they integrated software that could work with existing systems, the only replacement being getting rid of cables. They will work conveniently with existing database implying you won’t have to delete your data for a fresh start.

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  1. One Time Codes

Business premises undergo frequent developmental changes and improvements now and then. As a business owner, you might have contractors working on a weekend, and you are busy elsewhere. Hence, full-time presence might not be possible. Alarm locks allow you to generate codes usable only once which are beneficial to prevent future unauthorised access from any outsider.

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  1. Multiple Access Modes

Double way security is always very powerful. Alarm locks can use the code, card or both methods to operate. As in, you can swipe your card, enter the code or do both to access the building. This is very handy in an environment where theft of card is likely. You can set your system to require multiple login combinations so that if your card, for instance, is stolen, an entry would still be impossible without the correct code.

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  1. Toggle Cards and Codes

Entering codes or swiping cards now and then can become very tedious in busy environments. Imagine you are getting new supplies and the lock system you use keeps requiring authentication on every entry and exit. That can be annoying. Thus a lock system that permits toggle functionality will save the day. All you have to do is instruct the security device to leave the door open for a specified length of time after which user identification and validation protocol can resume.

  1. Audit Trails

A lock system capable of collecting entry information is paramount. When analysing collected reports is part of your obligation, then you can easily foresee an attempted breach of protocol and address the issue before it gets out of hand. The monitoring feature also helps you keep track of your employees’ movement to determine their commitment to their jobs.

Other features of this lock include the ability to raise alarms during emergencies and auto shut doors when the need arises. Contact a locksmith near you to fix this lock, and your security will be top-notch.

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