Your home is an integral part of your life. And as such, it needs special care and attention on matters regarding its security. A common trend that is hitting hard the legit locksmith community is the up rise of scammers who pretend to be professionals, sometimes pretending to be from reputable companies when they actually are not. The sad truth is that most of them target homeowners meaning you have to be now extra cautious when dealing with a locksmith. Mr Lockman Locksmith article will guide you on tips you can employ to avoid these locksmith scammers.

  1. Request cost estimates before hiring a locksmith

The truth about locksmithing is that real professionals have enough training and experience to accurately determine the total amount it will cost you immediately you describe your problem. Usually, they won’t charge you any extra cost in the name of “the job is complicated than we expected.” Whatever price they quote initially, is always inclusive of fluctuations and other overheads. However, scammers will quote a price that’s usually incredulously low. But what you don’t know is that they’ll make up expenses and guess other problems to have you pay more than you agreed. Always request an estimate before you hire any locksmith.

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  1. ID and licensure

Another simple way of distinguishing scammers from legit locksmiths is having the courage to check their ID and licensure before undertaking your job. Why is this necessary? You want a safe working relationship and confidence that you are working with experts. Licensing helps when unanticipated damages occur which enable locksmiths to compensate you, instead of carrying the burden yourself. The identification card verifies the legitimacy of the company the locksmith claims to be an employee. What you might not know, a bona fide locksmith will also require you to confirm beyond reasonable doubt the property you are unlocking is yours. They are smart enough to avoid working for burglars.

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  1. Prior Research on Background of Locksmith’s Firm

Prevention is safer than cure. Now, the only way you can have a certified, legitimate and competent locksmith work for you, is to conduct prior research. Probe into the background of the company, ask profound questions, go through their reviews and confirm from agencies mandated to regulate this industry on the authenticity of the firm you want to hire. Thorough background check helps you avoid hiring scammers with no real firm and consequently expertise and location.

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  1. Ask these five questions

Scammers will always have something to hide and will avoid the following queries which unmask their true identity and skills.

  • What’s your location? This one unveils where the firm resides just in case you have complaints to further in future.
  • The locksmith you are sending, what’s his/her name? This one will assist you in verifying the locksmith’s name from their ID’s when they arrive.
  • What mode of payment do you allow? Here, the aim is to use a channel that is open to further reference should any problem arise from locksmithing services. The mode of payment should have a record such as a receipt.
  • Can I send you the picture of the faulty lock for estimations? The question is for clarification purposes, ensuring you are charged fairly in regards to your lock type.

How safe is the gaining entry procedure? Truly experienced locksmiths will guarantee you zero damage to your property and even assure you of compensation should any occur.

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